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Minister Wang Visits Shanghai Taiwanese Children School to Convey Government Concern for Education of Taiwanese Children and the Development of Taiwanese Companies in the Mainland

  • Date:2014-02-14

February 14, 2014
Mac News Release No. 021

Minister Wang Yu-chi of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) visited the Shanghai Taiwanese Children School this morning (February 14, 2014). During the visit, he expressed deep respect and admiration to the school and parents for their dedication in educating Taiwanese children in the Mainland. Minister Wang said that, the MAC would continue to actively play out the role of a communication and liaison bridge in coordinating between competent authorities so as to find suitable solutions to address problems raised by the school and parents.

The Shanghai Taiwanese Children School was the last stop on Minister Wang's visit to the Mainland. The purpose of the visit was to gain full understanding of the school's development, inquire into the education situation of Taiwanese children in the Mainland, and convey the government’s concern for the education of Taiwanese children and the development of Taiwanese companies in the Mainland.

Minister Wang said that Taiwanese business investment in the Mainland not only provides employment opportunities for Taiwanese people in the Mainland, but also promotes the growth of cross-strait trade and provides impetus for industrial specialization and development across the Taiwan Strait, all of which contribute greatly to cross-strait economic growth. In order to look after the Taiwanese children’s educational rights and interests, the government strongly encourages the establishment of schools for Taiwanese businesspeople’s children. However, Minister Wang noted that running a school in the Mainland is a very difficult and challenging task, and the willingness of schools to undertake such a heavy responsibility is indeed praiseworthy. Minister Wang also recalled the wonderful teachers he encountered in his studies who had great influence on him, and whom inspired him to become a teacher before stepping into politics.

Minister Wang also pointed out that he had years of experience studying in the United States, during which he made numerous friends from different cultural backgrounds; while everyone got along harmoniously, there were also cases where cultural differences resulted in misunderstandings. Minister Wang stated that “facing differences and respecting one another” are concepts easily understood; walking the talk is the hard part. The main purpose of Minister Wang’s visit to the Mainland is to enhance mutual understanding, so that in the future the two sides may put themselves in the other's shoes and further convey heartfelt mutual respect. Relationships on such basis are the ones that will endure, gain height and see far.

During the discussion, the participating Taiwanese businesspeople, parents and school personnel brought up many problems related to school administration, study and life in the Mainland. In response, Minister Wang promised to coordinate among competent authorities to find suitable solutions.