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MAC Expressed Affirmation for Cross-Strait Police Cooperation on Repatriating Tainan Shooting Suspects

  • Date:2023-02-25

MAC Press Release No. 009

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) issued the following press release in recognition of the latest instance of cross-Strait police cooperation today (February 25, 2023). Our government sent staff to Xiamen Airport in Fujian, mainland China, to escort Hung Cheng-chun and Kung Hsiang-chih, wanted criminals and suspects of a shooting incident in Tainan City. Their delivery will facilitate subsequent judicial investigation and prosecution in Taiwan. The MAC expressed affirmation and thanked the police on both sides of the Taiwan Strait for their efforts in bringing the case to successful completion. This case is yet another example of the strong foundation and solid achievements of cross-Strait police cooperation built over the years.

  The MAC emphasized that criminals often intend to abscond abroad after breaking the law in the delusion that they can get away unpunished for their crimes. However, the facts have repeatedly shown that criminals will be arrested and punished and that crime fighting has no boundaries. The MAC encouraged the public security agencies on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to continue cooperation to truly protect the rights and interests of the people, ensure the welfare of the public, shore up public security, and maintain social order.