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MAC Deputy Minister Chiu Visits Zhongli to Mourn Victims of Highway Accident

  • Date:2016-07-20

July 20, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 48

Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Deputy Minister Chiu Chui-Cheng visited Zhongli funeral parlour in the morning of July 20th to offer prayers and mourn the victims of an unfortunate accident involving a group from Liaoning Province. He expressed his deepest condolences and hope that the deceased may rest in peace. The government will do its utmost to handle related follow-up affairs and provide required service to the victims' families.

The MAC explained that the government immediately set up a response center and has convened daily meetings to handle related follow-up affairs. The MAC has coordinated with the National Immigration Agency under the Ministry of the Interior on an ad hoc basis to arrange priority approval and issuance of permits for officials of mainland China's Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association, Liaoning Tourism Bureau, and Taiwan Affairs Office to visit Taiwan. The MAC will also continue to help the families of the victims and relatives to come to Taiwan. To provide timely service, the MAC and Straits Exchange Foundation have stationed designated staff at the response center of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, airports, funeral parlours, and other services centers to receive Mainland families coming to Taiwan and fully assist them with follow-up matters.