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Taiwan’s Independent Judiciary Conducts Fair Trials: Government Solemnly Rejects the CCP’s Unwarranted Meddling and Accusations

  • Date:2022-01-19

News Reference Material
Date: January 19, 2022

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) issued the following explanation regarding recent comments made by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the verdict of specific judicial cases in Taiwan:

1. The Republic of China is a country adhering to the rule of law. Its judiciary conducts trials independently in accordance with the law. We firmly defend Taiwan's judiciary and solemnly reject the unwarranted meddling and accusations by the CCP. Taiwan is a democratic society characterized by the rule of law. Unlike societies governed by the rule of man, the judiciary in Taiwan handles cases independently based on facts and evidence and does not condone any political interference. Contrarily, the CCP has a "party-led government," under which the court serves political ends, rendering the rule of law nonexistent. The CCP's groundless criticism against the specific court decisions in Taiwan has fully exposed this authoritarian regime’s contempt for and ignorance of the separation of power and the spirit of the rule of law. The accusations of "framing and blaming others" and "fabricating criminal charges" are in fact the perfect description of the CCP given its long record of persecution on civil rights activists and dissidents.

2. It is known globally that the CCP has gone to an alarming extent with its united front infiltration and intervention in Taiwan, even to the point of attempting to meddle in or influence Taiwan's democratic elections. Such vile behavior makes the CCP the culprit of undermining cross-Strait relations and jeopardizing the interests of Taiwanese people. The MAC sternly warns the CCP to face up to the cross-Strait reality, respect Taiwan's democratic electoral system, and refrain from interfering in Taiwan's elections or internal affairs.

3. For a long time, the government has been closely following and duly responding to the CCP's united front infiltration and electoral intervention; all cases involving violations of the law have also been investigated and handled in accordance with the law. We call on the people of Taiwan, once again, to be aware of and comply with laws and regulations to avoid harming democracy and the rule of law at the exploitation or coercion of others.