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MAC Once Again Calls on Taiwanese Citizens to Beware of Escalating Risks when Traveling to Mainland China

  • Date:2023-07-27

MAC Press Release No. 033

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that recently, there have been a series of unusual incidents where Taiwanese citizens, having traveled to mainland China for various exchange activities, ended up faced with infringements of personal freedom and safety or unfriendly treatment by the other side of the Taiwan Strait. Therefore, since mid-May, the MAC has repeatedly pressed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities to immediately make improvements; it has also been calling on Taiwanese citizens planning to visit mainland China to assess the risks and make necessary preparations before departure. Moreover, the MAC has provided several reminders and suggestions (as attached) for the reference of Taiwanese citizens with essential travel plans to mainland China.

  Nevertheless, it is unacceptable that similar incidents continue to occur. Just a few days ago, some Taiwanese university professors visited mainland China at the invitation of mainland Chinese think tanks for an academic exchange. Upon arrival, however, one professor was detained and questioned for as long as four hours by airport personnel. Although eventually released and permitted entry, he underwent considerable physical and emotional distress. Moreover, his luggage, mobile phone, laptop, and other personal belongings were temporarily seized and it remains unknown whether they had been tampered with. The MAC strongly warned the CCP authorities against further unreasonable detention or questioning of him upon his exit from mainland China following the exchange activity.

  The MAC again urged the CCP authorities to immediately cease all egregious and unreasonable detentions of Taiwanese people who were invited to mainland China for exchanges. Only an attitude of respect will help facilitate healthy and orderly cross-Strait interactions.

  These recent incidents suggest that it is not uncommon for Taiwanese citizens to be subjected to lengthy questioning and restrictions to their personal freedom without any explanation during their academic, economic, cultural, religious exchanges or visits to family and friends in mainland China. To reduce the risks facing Taiwanese citizens when traveling to mainland China, the MAC hereby urged Taiwanese citizens, particularly persons planning to participate in academic or religious activities, to consider delaying non-essential travel to mainland China.

  The MAC also, once again, called on Taiwanese citizens with essential travel plans to mainland China to refer to the "Reminders and Suggestions for Taiwanese Citizens Traveling to Mainland China" published by the MAC before (as attached). Such travelers are also urged to register on the MAC's website before departure to reduce personal risks and safeguard their personal safety and freedom.