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MAC Gives Blessings on the Inauguration of Cross-Strait Water Service and Condemns the Taiwan Affairs Office Head for Distorting the Truth

  • Date:2018-08-05

Date: August 5, 2018

MAC Press Release No. 51


        The Kinmen County Government held a witness event today (August 5, 2018) to witness the start of cross-Strait water supply service to Kinmen. The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) reiterated its blessings on the successful start of the water service. It also strongly condemned Beijing for engaging in political shenanigans over an issue affecting the livelihood of the people with intention to blame Taiwan for the current cross-Strait predicament.

        The MAC stated that the Kinmen water diversion project was funded by Taiwan and is not a free gift. The government places great importance on household water supply in Kinmen. In 2013, it included water diversion from mainland China as part of water resource diversification under the "Water Supply Improvement Plan." Through sustained promotion of the plan, NT$1.35 billion was budgeted to complete related projects that enabled the start of cross-Strait water supply service today. In the future, Taiwan will bear the cost of NT$ 9.86 per ton of diverted water. The Mainland has listed the commercial activity of cross-Strait water purchase (supply) as a measure favorable to Taiwan and criticized the government of the Republic of China (ROC) for obstructing the start of water service. This is an obvious attempt to politicize an issue related to the livelihood of the people and to create contradictions in Taiwan with the intention to polarize Taiwan.

        The MAC stated that pressure and meddling by Beijing prevented Taichung City from hosting the 2019 East Asian Youth Games, an event that had been widely anticipated by the public. This action has seriously undermined cross-Strait relations. The ROC government has strongly voiced Taiwan's position and the discontent of the Taiwanese people. The holding of the water service inauguration ceremony clearly runs counter to the current cross-Strait atmosphere. The government therefore has suggested that the Kinmen County Government postpone the ceremony activities. However, since water service concerns the livelihood of the people in Kinmen, the original schedule for the start of water service will not be changed. This demonstrates the greatest goodwill of the ROC government.

        The MAC stated that Beijing has, on the one hand, flagrantly pressured the participation of the Taiwanese people in international activities, while on the other hand advancing its united front tactics aimed at roping in and integrating Taiwan. The international community and the people of Taiwan clearly understand who is the instigator of the dark political agenda responsible for sabotaging cross-Strait peace and harming the people's welfare and interests. The side inflicting this harm has vainly attempted to cast itself as the victim and invert right and wrong through clever words. Yet it cannot hide the truth, nor can it hope to achieve its so-called "shared mindset."

        The MAC reiterated the government's clear and consistent cross-Strait policy position of handling cross-Strait affairs in accordance with the ROC Constitution, the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, and other relevant legislation and firmly upholding the status quo of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. It is hoped that the Mainland can understand the greatest goodwill shown by the Taiwan side. The MAC also stressed that maintaining cross-Strait peace and stability is the joint responsibility of both sides. It again called on the other side to be rational and pragmatic, respect the cross-Strait reality and mainstream public opinion in Taiwan, resolve differences through communication and dialogue without preconditions, and pragmatically communicate and engage in consultations on matters concerning the rights and interests of the people. This is the only way to usher in a future of peace, stability, and mutual benefit.