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MAC Urges Mainland to Pragmatically View Taiwan's Participation in International Activities: Failure to Show Mutual Respect is Highly Detrimental to the Development of Cross-Strait Relations

  • Date:2014-07-28

July 28, 2014
Mac News Release No. 70

News report stated that a page in the program for the 20th Biennial Conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies (EACS) in Portugal, introducing the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (CCKF), was removed due to Mainland intervention. The Mainland Affairs Council hereby issues the following statement:

1.The CCKF was invited to sponsor and participate in this international Sinology event for pure academic and cultural exchange reasons. The Mainland's unfriendly behavior towards Taiwan has provoked unnecessary controversy and has harmed the feelings of Taiwan's 23 million people. For that, Taiwan deeply regrets and feels disappointment towards the Mainland’s handling of this matter.

2.Benign interaction and long-term cross-strait development depends on the ability of both sides to face realities and show mutual respect. The Mainland action this time has been detrimental to the deepening of cross-strait mutual trust. The government hereby again urges the Mainland to demonstrate good-will towards Taiwan at international venues. Failure to do so would create barriers and setbacks to mutual interaction and development, thereby negatively impact the development of cross-strait relations.

3.The MAC will also express our solemn position to the Mainland through established channels. Over the past six years, the two sides have gradually established a new model for benign interaction in various fields. It is hoped that the Mainland may comprehensively adjust its ossified thinking on the issue of Taiwan's pragmatic participation in international activities so that cross-strait ties and foreign relations may truly become a virtuous cycle and create more favorable conditions for the further development of mutually beneficial cross-strait relations.