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The Government Welcomes Mainland Students to Study in Taiwan and Engage in Cross-Strait Educational Exchanges

  • Date:2016-11-30

Date: November 30, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 87

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that the government's policy of allowing the recruitment of Mainland students to study in Taiwan plays an important role in promoting the diversification of education in Taiwan. Through cross-Strait student exchanges and education, the two sides can mutually learn and advance. This strengthens the competitiveness and expands the horizons of Taiwanese students. It also enables Mainland students to experience Taiwan's multicultural development and share mainland China's experience during their time in Taiwan. This is conducive to the long-term peace and stability of cross-Strait relations.

In order to create a friendly living and learning environment for Mainland students studying in Taiwan, the government continues to review and amend related measures according to the principles of "phased implementation, review and amendment, complete supporting measures" and premised on ensuring the rights and interests of Taiwanese students. On October 24, 2016, a presidential spokesman explained to the public that, based on humanitarian considerations and human rights values, the government will proactively promote the inclusion of mainland Chinese students in the health insurance system comparable to the treatment of foreign and overseas Chinese students.

The MAC stressed that the government will continue to steadily promote Mainland students studying in Taiwan and welcome opportunities for more mainland Chinese youth to come to Taiwan mutually learn with Taiwanese students. It is also hoped that the two sides will jointly cherish and maintain the outcomes of exchanges over the past many years.