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MAC Today (August 27, 2022) Presented the Following Views in Response to Comments by KMT Vice Chairman Andrew Hsia at a Press Conference

  • Date:2022-08-27

MAC Press Release No. 017

1.The MAC sincerely regrets that Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Vice-Chairman Andrew Hsia and others insisted on visiting mainland China against the MAC's advice as Chinese military exercises persist. As members of Taiwan's largest opposition party, they sycophantically echoed mainland China’s united front and even shamelessly kowtow to mainland China with complete disregard of the domestic public opinion in Taiwan. The MAC emphasized that all political parties in Taiwan should engage in healthy competition within the country, but stand united with the people of Taiwan in the face of external challenges. All political parties should fully support the government in safeguarding our national sovereignty, security and Taiwan's overall interests. We believe that the KMT trip to mainland China has unsettled Taiwanese society, divided domestic will of unity, and sent wrong signals that mislead the international community to the serious detriment of the nation's overall interests.

2.The government continues to care for Taiwan's business community and actively rescue Taiwanese people who have been trafficked in Cambodia. We believe that promoting benign cross-Strait interaction is a shared responsibility of both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Our government has always been committed to maintaining the existing mechanisms and agreements between the two sides. However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) insists on its erroneous political preconditions, refuses dialogue and communication, and fails to fully implement the agreements. Taiwanese people across party lines and walks of life should be aware that any cross-Strait affairs, communication and exchanges involving public power must be handled pragmatically by the government to ensure the well-being of Taiwanese people and our national interests.

3.The CCP illegally and peremptorily seeks to use force to coerce Taiwan into relinquishing its sovereignty. On the one hand, the CCP exerts extreme pressure to jeopardize the safety and well-being of Taiwanese people. On the other hand, it uses exchanges with the KMT to distort facts and claim protections for the rights and interests of Taiwan. This is nothing but a united front campaign, division and deception. We call on the opposition party to recognize that the Beijing authorities are the culprit undermining peace across the Taiwan Strait. The KMT should strongly oppose claims and actions by the Beijing authorities to infringe on Taiwan. It should not fall into the CCP's cheap trap of creating “one China” and blaming the ROC government. In addition, the MAC expressed deep regret over the untrue allegations that the government is spreading rumors.