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January 7, 1994
MAC announces the "Guiding Principle on Cross-strait Cultural Exchanges at the Current Stage," stressing the need to promote cross-strait cultural exchanges, for mutual benefit and the cultural development of the two sides.

February 1, 1994
The first Chiao-Tang talks, representing officials at the vice-chairman level of the two associations, is held in Beijing. The meeting ends on February 5, and the two issue "the joint press release by Mr. Chiao Jen-ho and Tang Shubei."

March 5, 1994
The PRC National People's Congress adopts the "Law to Protect Investments by Taiwan Compatriots."

March 25, 1994
The fourth functional meeting after the first Koo-Wang Talks is held in Beijing. The two sides discuss three issues but fail to make any breakthrough.

May 26, 1994
MAC makes public the "Position Paper on Direct Transportation between the Two Sides," noting that direct transportation will be launched only when the dignity, order, and safety are ensured for the two sides.

July 5, 1994
MAC promulgates the white paper "Relations Across the Taiwan Straits" in eight languages.

July 30, 1994
The fifth functional meeting after the first Koo-Wang Talks is held in Taipei.

August 4, 1994
The second Chiao-Tang Talks runs from August 4 to 7 in Taipei.

September 23, 1994
Premier Lien Chan, answering an interpellation in the Legislation Yuan, says that since the mainland military has staged exercises on Dongshan island, Fujian Province, and Beijing uses the zero-sum attitude to isolate and oppress the the ROC's bid to accede to the United Nations and participation in the Asian Games, the cross-strait relations cannot advance into the middle-stage under the Guidelines for National Unification.

October 15, 1994
MAC issues "Explanation on the Policy for Cross-strait Cultural Exchanges."

December 13, 1994
Vincent Siew, chairman of Council for Economic Planning and Development, says under the principles not to violate the Guidelines for National Unification, an offshore transshipment center will be designed to expand cross-strait exchanges for goods, under the condition that these goods do not go through customs clearance.

December 22, 1994
The sixth functional meeting after the first Koo-Wang Talks is held in Nanjing from December 22 to 27. However, no agreement is reached.