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January 18, 1991
The Legislative Yuan adopts in third reading "the Organic Law for the Mainland Affairs Council, Executive Yuan," which is promulgated by the president on January 28.

January 30, 1991
The Mainland Affairs Council is formally established to function as the statutory administrative agency under the Executive Yuan responsible for the overall planning and coordination of policy related to the mainland.

February 19, 1991
The MAC approves the establishment of Straits Exchange Foundation.

March 14, 1991
The Executive Yuan adopts the Guidelines for National Unification to be the guiding principle of the government's Mainland China policy.

May 1, 1991
The ROC government declares the termination of the Period of General Mobilization for the Suppression of the Communist Rebellion.

June 7, 1991
PRC Taiwan Affairs Office makes public the "June 7th Statement."

July 2, 1991
The spokesman of the PRC's Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade introduces the following five principles to promote cross-strait economic and trade relations: (1) direct and two-way trade, (2) mutually beneficial relations, (3) many trading areas, (4) stable and long-term relations, (5) abiding by agreements.

December 16, 1991
The Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait is formally established in Beijing.

December 17, 1991
The PRC's State Council adopts the "Measures Governing Chinese Citizens' Travel to and from the Taiwan Area."