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MAC to Hold the Second Cross-Strait Exchange Documentary Literature Awards on December 14

  • Date:2012-12-26

December 13, 2012
No. 103

The Second Cross-Strait Exchange Documentary Literature Awards hosted by the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow (December 14, 2012) on the second floor of M3 Hall at Huashan Creative Park.

Participation in this year's competition was expanded beyond locals to include Mainland spouses and students residing in Taiwan, adding diversity to the winning entries. The awarded works, no longer restricted to descriptions of cross-strait differences and historical estrangement but focused more on the search for moving moments in life and mutual understanding, regard cross-strait exchanges as a gift to be cherished and truthfully recount various heartfelt feelings. Through words and images, the winning entries trace the development of cross-strait exchanges from government measures allowing family-related visits to the Mainland to those allowing Mainland students, tourists, and new immigrants to reside in Taiwan. Woven together, these individual stories provide a well-rounded portrait of the process of cross-strait exchanges, and mutual tolerance and acceptance between the two sides..

The Awards this year has been divided into two categories of "Documentary Literature" and "Documentary Photography", with youngest participant at the age of 20 and eldest at 86. A professional panel of 10 experts in the fields of literature and photography has reviewed the entries and selected 36 winners. In the Documentary Literature category, one First Prize, two Second-Place Awards, five Third-Place Awards, and 10 Honorable Mention Awards will be presented, whereas the Documentary Photography category will include three Best Photography Awards, five Best Potential Awards, and 10 Honorable Mention Awards.

The grand ceremony to be held tomorrow will include members of the arts and culture community and the selected award winners. In addition to the award presentation ceremony, winning pieces will also be displayed at the venue. Participants will have the chance to see the genuine and touching stories and images the artworks present, jointly experience the daily life and social dimensions of cross-strait exchanges, and witness together the diversity and process of interactions between the people of both sides.

All winning entries will remain on display on the first floor of the M2 Fruit Wine Building at Huashan Creative Park from December 15 (Saturday) to 19 (Wednesday).