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Oct 12, 2011

  • Date:2011-10-12

The Seventh Chiang-Chen Talks to be held from October 19 in Tianjin City, mainland China

The Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) announces today (October 12, 2011) that it has reached an agreement with the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) to hold the Seventh Chiang-Chen Talks from October 19 to 21, 2011, in Tianjin City, mainland China.

  The SEF indicates that the decision to hold the Seventh Chiang-Chen Talks in Tianjin City from October 19 to 21 was made after recent intensive contacts and discussions with the ARATS. SEF Chairman Chiang Pin-kung will lead the Taiwan negotiation delegation to the Mainland for high-level talks with ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin and the Mainland negotiation team.

  The two sides are now actively preparing to sign the "Nuclear Power Safety Cooperation Agreement." On the other hand, due to complexities with portions of the Cross-Strait Investment Protection Agreement, the two sides still need time for further communication and will not be able to sign this Agreement at the upcoming talks. The two sides have agreed to continue active negotiations in order to reach a consensus at the earliest possible date. The SEF and the ARATS have also started detailed planning and preparations for this round of talks.

  SEF Chairman Chiang Pin-kung plans to lead the negotiation team to Tianjin on the morning of October 19. That afternoon, the SEF and the ARATS will hold preparatory discussions at vice chairman level. The Seventh Chiang-Chen Talks will be held on the morning of October 20 and the agreement signing ceremony will be held in the afternoon. The SEF and the ARATS will also separately hold press conferences. On October 21, the SEF delegation will fly back to Taiwan.