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Jun 04, 2011, No. 040

  • Date:2011-06-04

The Mainland should confront the important message sent by the Tiananmen Square Incident for the development of democracy and human rights, and give priority to the demand for democracy and human rights revealed in its domestic society June 4, 2011 The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) issues a statement today (June 4) on the 22nd anniversary of the “Tiananmen Square Incident,” emphasizing that the Mainland must squarely face and confront the important message sent by this historical incident for the development of democracy, freedom, and human rights. While rapidly developing the economic and political strength, the Mainland authorities should to a greater extent give priority to facing up to the domestic social demand for these universal values and vigorously promote political reforms. The MAC believes this will bring major benefits for maintaining the stable development of cross-strait relations as well as long-term peace. The MAC states that the ability to redress the Tiananmen Square Incident will be a significant benchmark of political reforms in the Mainland. Minister Lai Shin-yuan particularly expects that the Mainland must promote political reforms, applying democratic and peaceful mechanisms and approaches to appropriately handle problems resulted from rapid economic growth, such as income disparity, the urban-rural gap, corruption, malfeasance, and social conflicts. These are all major challenges the Mainland authorities must seriously face up to. The MAC hopes that as the Mainland develops economically, it will also pay close attention to political reforms as well as to the development of its civil society to ensure social fairness, justice, and the protection of human rights, thereby enhancing the happiness level of the people's spirits. The MAC expresses concern for the welfare of the Mainland people and notes that, over the years, it has consistently called on the Mainland authorities to face up to the dissenting views in its society with a more understanding and rational way of thinking. More specifically, the authorities should properly treat and release dissidents such as Liu Xiaobo and Ai Weiwei. The MAC indicates that the 100-year-old history of democratic development in the Republic of China has demonstrated that the Chinese people are capable of walking down the road of freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. It predicts that before December 10 this year, Taiwan will complete a review of laws and regulations related to the “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” and the “International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights,” in order to bring its legal system on human rights further into line with the whole world. These universal values possessed by Taiwan promote the growth and strength of Taiwan and are a source of pride. They should also be shared between the two sides of the Strait with the common goal of mutual advancement. The MAC states that the recent development of cross-strait relations has accelerated the mutual influence of societies on the two sides in the realm of these universal values. These kind of healthy interactions deserve affirmation. The MAC believes that only by cherishing universal values such as democracy, freedom, human rights can the gap between the two sides be bridged and the people's well being be jointly promoted.