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MAC Supports the People's Identification with the National Flag and Condemns Actions Affecting Benign Cross-Strait Interactions

  • Date:2016-01-16

January 16, 2016
No. 5

Regarding the recent occurrence of the Chou Tzu-yu incident, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) has expressed deep regrets and states that it is only natural for a country’s nationals to hold their national flag in demonstration of support and identification with their country. The MAC expresses supports for the Taiwanese people’s patriotism and reiterates that cross-strait exchanges should be conducted on a basis of mutual respect.

The MAC solemnly expressed Taiwan's position to the Mainland's TAO, stating that the incident has hurt the feelings of the Taiwanese people and that it hopes for the Mainland to squarely face the matter. The MAC also requested the Mainland to restrain such behavior in the private sector so as to avoid further impact on cross-strait developments.

The MAC condemned Huang An’s personal actions, pointing out that it has affected normal cross-strait performing arts exchanges, and severely impacted cross-strait relations. The MAC expressed hopes for people across the Strait to jointly cherish hard-earned achievements resulting from long-term benign exchanges and interactions between the two sides.