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When Taiwanese residents travel in the Mainland Area, Hong Kong or Macao areas, how do they seek assistance for consultation and urgent contact in cases of emergencies (including contracting diseases)?

When traveling in the Mainland, Hong Kong, or Macao areas, Taiwanese residents may dial the following numbers to seek assistance if they contract emergent epidemic disease and need consultation or urgent contact:

(1) Emergency Contact Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 886-800-085-095, or ask family members in Taiwan to call Epidemic Reporting Hotline of the Centers for Disease Control under the Ministry of Health and Welfare: 1922.

(2) SEF 24-hour service hotline: 886-2-25339995.

(3) For emergency assistance in Hong Kong or Macao, contact:

Hong Kong Affairs Bureau (local name: Taipei Economic and Cultural Office): 852-61439012, 852-93140130

Macao Affairs Bureau (local name: Taipei Economic and Cultural Office): 853-68872557

(4) 24-hour travel assistance hotline of the Tourism Bureau, MOTC: 886-800-011-765.