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Mainland China should Face Up to the Objective Fact of the Existence of the Republic of China; The Two Sides should Work Together for the Welfare of the People on both Sides and Peace in the Taiwan Strait

  • Date:2016-11-11

Date:November 11, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 80

In regards to comments made by mainland China on cross-Strait relations, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated today (November 11, 2016) that the Republic of China (R.O.C.) is a sovereign state established 105 years ago. This is an undeniable fact. The R.O.C. has endeavored successfully to advance a constitutional democracy in keeping with the times. This is clear for all to see. We believe that mainland China, as it faces of the past and looks to the future, should be faithful to the historical fact that Mr. Sun Yat-sen founded the R.O.C. and to the current cross-Strait reality. We call on the other side to face up to the objective fact of the existence of the R.O.C.

The MAC stressed that the government, in promoting the development of cross-Strait relations, will not change from its insistence on following democratic principles and respecting the mainstream public opinion in Taiwan on maintaining the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. Seeking the people's well-being was the goal of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's life efforts. It is also the greatest common factor between the two sides. We believe that the authorities on both sides should respect each other's different institutional development, show wisdom and patience, and, through positive communication, dialogue, and interaction, advance mutual understanding, resolve differences, seek joint acknowledgements, and work together for the welfare of people on both sides, benign and harmonious relations across the Taiwan Strait, and regional peace.