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MAC: The Government Adheres to the Established Policy Position, Upholds Public Opinion and Democratic Principles, and is Committed to Maintaining the Status Quo of Peace and Stability in the Taiwan Strait

  • Date:2016-09-04

September 4, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 58

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (September 4, 2016) issued the following statement on the Taiwan Strait related comments made by the Mainland side during the G20 "Obama-Xi Meeting":

1. Since May 20, the government has emphasized that it will continue, based on respect for historical facts and the existing political foundations, to keep the door open for communication and negotiation and to work to maintain peaceful and stable cross-Strait relations. It has fully demonstrated the greatest sincerity and determination to build consistent, predictable and sustainable cross-Strait relations. This policy position accords with the common interests and expectations of both sides of the Strait and parties in the region. It also enjoys the support and affirmation of mainstream public opinion in Taiwan.

2. Maintaining peace in the Taiwan Strait is a mutual responsibility of the two sides. According to the latest public opinion survey announced by the MAC in August this year, nearly 90% (88.9%) of the public support maintaining the status quo. We believe that mainland China should more pragmatically and profoundly appreciate the ROC government's goodwill and flexible approaches. It should also rationally and objectively treat the different systems that have developed on the two sides, show mutual respect and understanding, and continue, through exchanges, cooperation, communication, and dialogue, to set aside differences and seek common ground. This would be conducive to the joint establishment of constructive and harmonious cross-Strait relations.

3. The government reiterates that it will pragmatically handle cross-Strait affairs in accordance with the ROC Constitution, the Act Governing Relations between the People of Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area and other relevant legislation. Taiwan is a democratic and pluralistic society. The government always administrates with the well-being of people in mind. It adheres to public opinion and democratic principles and is committed to building consensus among the people of Taiwan on the future promotion of mutual interaction and development in order to build mutually trusting and cooperative cross-Strait relations.