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The Peaceful and Stable Development of Cross-Strait Relations is the Joint Responsibility of Both Sides: The Government Insists that Equal and Dignified Interaction, Respect for Public Opinion in Taiwan, and Rational and Pragmatic Communication will Create a Win-Win Situation

  • Date:2016-11-01

November 1, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 79

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (November 1, 2016) issued the following four views in regard to talks on cross-Strait relations at a meeting between the leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Kuomintang Party (KMT):

1. Mainland China should face up to the R.O.C. and respect mainstream public opinion in Taiwan: Taiwan is a democratic and pluralistic society. The unilateral establishment of political frameworks and principles by the KMT and CPC disrespects the views of the people of Taiwan on promoting the development of cross-Strait relations, as well as the people's insistence on democratic systems. The Taiwan public has for long consistently insisted on the position of maintaining the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. This will not change. We also will never slacken in efforts to build sustainable and predictable cross-Strait relations. We believe that mainland China should face up to the reality that the Republic of China (R.O.C.) exists. Taiwan society welcomes cross-Strait exchanges and participation in the international community. Understanding the true significance of this is the key to cross-Strait development. The two sides of the Taiwan Strait should set aside their historical prejudices and baggage and work together to maintain peaceful and stable cross-Strait relations and the well-being of the people.

2. Genuine mutual understanding can only be advanced through equal, dignified, and diverse development between the two sides: The R.O.C. government positively views the establishment of cross-Strait cooperation and exchanges based on equal, dignified and institutionalized mechanisms and without political considerations. Awareness and understanding between the two sides can only be effectively advanced by giving priority to the rights and well-being of the people and overall interests of Taiwan. Mainland China should engage with Taiwan in comprehensive, diverse, healthy, and normal exchanges and eliminate alternative interaction. Only in this way can it clearly hear and understand the different voices in Taiwan, enable friendly interaction and exchanges between the people on both sides, not create senseless opposition between public opinion on the two sides, and build up a basis of public opinion for benign cross-Strait interactions.

3. Cross-Strait issues must return to institutionalized mechanisms and follow the government's direction and pacing: Cross-Strait political issues are highly complex and sensitive. They must be handled with wisdom and patience. The MAC has indicated that conditions are still not ripe for promoting a "Peace Accord" and other related political issues given the lack of consensus in Taiwan. We reiterate that any cross-Strait affairs involving public authority and political issues must follow a process and pace set by the government. They must also be pragmatically handled through official cross-Strait communication to ensure the best interests of the country and the well-being of the people.

4. Both sides should resolve their differences through constructive communication, respecting the historical fact of the 1992 talks: Since May 20, the government has repeatedly reaffirmed its respect for the historical fact of the 1992 cross-Strait talks and promotion of cross-Strait affairs on the existing political foundation. This indicates the government will not change in its insistence on showing the greatest goodwill. The government's determination to pursue cross-Strait peace and stability also can not be underestimated. The CPC must positively treat our pragmatic words and actions and rationally face up to the R.O.C. government. The peaceful development of cross-Strait relations is the joint responsibility of both sides. Peace in the Taiwan Strait is also the common expectation of the people of both sides and the international community. Both sides should mutually show goodwill, resolve differences through constructive communication and dialogue, and seek out possible common understanding to establish stable and harmonious cross-Strait relations.