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The Government Heeds and Has Appropriately Responded to the Demands of Tourism-Related Industries and will Continue to Assist Optimization of the Tourism Environment2016-09-12
National Palace Museum will Continue to Investigate and Handle Controversial Acceptance of Mainland Position by Former Director Feng; and will Reassess Reduction of the Period of Restriction on Travel to the Mainland in Violation of Recusal Stipulations2016-09-10
Liaoning Tour Group Bus Fire Accident Investigation Findings Released: MAC Hopes Incident will not Affect Cross-Strait Tourism Exchanges2016-09-10
MAC Issues Statement on SEF Letter2016-09-09
Taiwan Solemnly Protests the Deportation of 78 Taiwanese Suspects in Telecommunication Fraud Case to Mainland China and Demands that the Mainland Actively Begin Communication and Dialogue2016-09-07
MAC: The Government Adheres to the Established Policy Position, Upholds Public Opinion and Democratic Principles, and is Committed to Maintaining the Status Quo of Peace and Stability in the Taiwan Strait2016-09-04
The MAC and SEF are Committed to Promoting the Peaceful and Stable Development of Cross-Strait Relations2016-08-31
MAC: Mainstream Public Opinion in Taiwan Supports Policy Commitment to Maintaining Cross-Strait Peace and Stability and Continued Handling of Cross-Strait Affairs through communication and dialogue2016-08-09
Taiwan Insists on Judicial Sovereignty and Need for Cross-Strait Cooperation to Effectively Combat Cross-Border Telecommunications Fraud2016-08-08
MAC Press release No. 512016-08-04
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