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MAC Issues Solemn Statement: Mainland China's Political Interference Prevents Taiwan from Participating in this Year's ICAO Assembly, Government Expresses Strong Dissatisfaction and Regret2016-09-23
Executive Branch Respects the Legislative Yuan's Oversight Authority and Decision of Review on the Cross-Strait Agreement Supervisory Act and Has Not Acted Out of Expediency2016-09-22
MAC: Cross-Strait Interaction and Exchanges and Taiwan's International Participation should not be Subject to Political Preconditions, Calls on Mainland China to Resolve Differences through Communication and Dialogue.2016-09-21
MAC Solemnly Protests the Deportation of 13 Taiwanese Suspects from Cambodia to the Mainland and Appeals to the Mainland to Set Aside Prejudices and Jointly Formulate Proper Approaches through Positive Communication and Full Dialogue between the Two Sides2016-09-20
"Maintaining Peace and Stability in the Taiwan Strait Is a Shared Goal of Both Sides"2016-09-15
MAC Holds "Cross-Strait Relations under the Tsai Ing-Wen Administration" International Symposium in Washington, D.C.2016-09-14
The Government Heeds and Has Appropriately Responded to the Demands of Tourism-Related Industries and will Continue to Assist Optimization of the Tourism Environment2016-09-12
National Palace Museum will Continue to Investigate and Handle Controversial Acceptance of Mainland Position by Former Director Feng; and will Reassess Reduction of the Period of Restriction on Travel to the Mainland in Violation of Recusal Stipulations2016-09-10
Liaoning Tour Group Bus Fire Accident Investigation Findings Released: MAC Hopes Incident will not Affect Cross-Strait Tourism Exchanges2016-09-10
MAC Issues Statement on SEF Letter2016-09-09
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