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Mainland China should Pragmatically Face the Fact that the Republic of China is a Sovereign State2017-02-22
Government Promotes the Prevention of Cross-Border Telecommunications Fraud and Hopes All Parties will Pay Attention to and Care for Relatives and Friends; the Two Sides also should Actively Cooperate to Prevent Innocent People from Being Harmed2017-02-21
Mass Communication Graduate Students from Mainland China Visit Taiwan for Exchanges, Give Praise that Warmth and Kindness are Taiwan's Most Precious Qualities2017-02-01
Visiting International Dignitaries Show Concern for the Government's Cross-Strait Policy and Support Continued Communication and Dialogue between the Two Sides2017-01-31
Two Sides should Jointly Safeguard the Interests and Welfare of the People and Create a New Era of Cross-Strait Harmony and Prosperity2017-01-30
Home Cooking and a Warm Chat: MAC Minister Chang Joins Mainland Spouses for a Lunar New Year Eve Dinner2017-01-27
Press Reference Material for the Release of the MAC Short Film: "Exchange: As Simple and Natural as Life Itself"2017-01-23
Majority of the Public Approve Prioritizing the Interests and Well-Being of the Public in Promoting Healthy and Normal Interaction Across the Taiwan Cross-Strait2017-01-19
Government: Mainland Media Reporters are Welcome to Visit Taiwan and Should Apply for Entry According to the Relevant Regulations2017-01-13
Taiwan Solemnly Protests the Deportation to Mainland China of Four Taiwanese Nationals Involved in Telecommunications Fraud in Vietnam and Appeals for the Mainland to Promptly Expand Communication and Dialogue with Taiwan2017-01-12
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