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MAC Congratulates Mr. Fernando Chui upon Election as Fourth Chief Executive of Macau2014-08-31
MAC Urges Mainland to Pragmatically View Taiwan's Participation in International Activities: Failure to Show Mutual Respect is Highly Detrimental to the Development of Cross-Strait Relations2014-07-28
Lin Chu-chia: Maintain Peace and Stability in Cross-Strait Relations, Promote Both Regional Integration and Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Relations, Create Better Conditions for Taiwan2014-07-22
MAC: Public Opinion Highly Affirms the Results of the Second Meeting between Heads of Cross-Strait Competent Authorities and Supports Regular Exchange Visits by Heads of Cross-Strait Competent Authorities2014-07-17
Deputy Minister Lin Presents Keynote Speech at the 40th Annual Conference for Overseas Chinese in Europe, Explaining Important Progress in Cross-Strait Relations with Emphasis on "Creating Peace and Prosperity and Ushering in a New Cross-Strait Era"2014-07-12
Deputy Minister Wu: Pragmatically Position Cross-Strait Relations, Strengthen Cross-Strait Mutual Trust, and Jointly Create Win-Win Outcome under Framework of ROC Constitution2014-07-04
Second Meeting between Heads of Cross-Strait Competent Authorities Successfully Held in Taiwan, Turning a New Page in the Institutionalization of Cross-Strait Relations and Laying a Foundation for Sustainable Long-term Development across the Taiwan Strait2014-06-25
MAC: Zhang Zhijun's Visit to Taiwan Arranged under the Principles of Equality and Dignity; Hopes for Public to Positively View Normal Cross-strait Exchanges and Interaction2014-06-14
MAC: Executive Yuan Draft Version of Cross-Strait Agreement Supervisory Act Allows Legislative Yuan Full Advance Participation and Full Post Supervision and Meets Cross-Strait Exchange Demands2014-06-09
MAC Statement on 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Incident2014-06-03
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