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Mainstream Public Supports MAC in Continued Promotion of Institutionalized Cross-Strait Negotiations2014-12-25
Sound Environment for Cross-Strait Peace and Prosperity Established by ROC’s Mainland Policy; Peace Dividends Affirmed by both Domestically and Internationally2014-12-21
MAC: Majority of the Public Believe the Reiteration of "1992 Consensus" by Both Sides Conducive to Peaceful and Stable Development across the Strait and Support the Results Achieved at the Recent "Wang-Zhang Meeting"2014-12-11
Minister Wang Attended Symposium with Beijing Scholars: Two Sides Should Seize Opportunities, Seek Progress Amidst Stability, and Demonstrate Concrete Results in Following Cross-Strait Interactions2014-11-12
Two Sides at "Wang-Zhang Meeting" Expressed the Importance of "1992 consensus" for Cross-Strait Developments and Reached Consensus to Actively Promote Following Negotiations, Mainland Tourist Transits in Taiwan, and Joint Research on Regional Economic Integration2014-11-12
Public Speech by Leader Representative Vincent C. Siew at the "Siew-Xi Meeting"2014-11-09
Two Sides Jointly Reaffirm That the "1992 Consensus" Is the Key to the Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations and Should Be Jointly Consolidated and Cherished at "Siew-Xi Meeting"2014-11-09
Executive Branch to Initiate Procedures to Enact the Air Transport Agreement between Taiwan and Macao in Reference to Legal Provisions2014-10-27
MAC Expresses Support for Democratic Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong and Calls for Rational and Peaceful Dialogue2014-09-30
Taiwan Strait Status Quo of "No Unification, No Independence and No Use of Force" is the Greatest Common Denominator in Taiwan Society; The ROC Government cannot Accept "One Country, Two Systems"2014-09-26
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