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MAC: Majority of the Public Support Maintaining the Cross-Strait Status Quo of "No Unification, No Independence, and No Use of Force" and Promoting Cross-Strait Official Interactions and Institutionalized Negotiations under the ROC Constitution Framework2015-05-09
President Ma Addresses the MAC and Expresses Hopes for Sustainable Cross-Strait Peace and Prosperity to be Achieved on the “1992 Consensus of one China, with Respective Interpretations” Basis2015-04-29
Taiwan LOI for AIIB Membership Sent to the Mainland to Create Favorable Conditions for Regional Economic Integration2015-03-31
The Government Has Secured Taiwan's Rights and Interests through Cross-Strait M503 Air Route Consultations and Respected Congressional Oversight2015-03-27
Majority of the Public Support Preliminary Results Acquired through the Government's Handling of the Mainland's M503 and Other Routes’ Establishment, Believe the Executive Yuan’s Cross-Strait Agreement Supervisory Act Version Beneficial to Improving Congressional Oversight, Openness and Transparency, and Hope for Legislation to be Completed as Soon as Possible2015-03-23
Mainland Should Squarely Face Cross-Strait Reality, Protect Rights and Interests of Taiwanese Businesspeople, and Actively Promote Cross-Strait Follow-Up Negotiations2015-03-15
Mainland Should Face Realities Across the Strait, Respect the Choice, Rights and Interests of the People of Taiwan, and Pragmatically Promote the Development of Cross-Strait Relations2015-03-13
International Visitors Affirm the Government's Mainland Policy2015-02-23
Cross-Strait Communication on Joint Research Preparations Commenced2015-01-19
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