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President Ma, mainland Chinese leader Xi meet in Singapore, agree to jointly consolidate cross-strait peace and prosperity2015-11-07
Cross-Strait Leaders to Meet in Singapore on November 7 2015-11-04
Deputy Minister Lin: Government will continue to Promote Cross-Strait Official Interactions, Negotiations, and Exchanges and is Committed to Protecting the Public's Well-Being, Rights and Interests, and Maintaining the Peaceful and Stable Development of Cross-Strait Relations2015-10-30
MAC: Public Strongly Approves Results of Minister Hsia's Mainland Visit and Supports Continued Promotion of Official Interaction and Institutionalized Negotiations across the Strait and the Normalization and Institutionalization of Cross-Strait Relations2015-10-21
Minister Hsia Meets with Taiwanese Businesspeople in Guangdong, Visits the Dongguan Taixin Hospital and School for the Children of Taiwanese Businesspeople, and Expresses Concern for Taiwanese Businesspeople's Development and their Children's Education in the Mainland2015-10-15
MAC Minister Andrew Hsia and Delegation Visit the Huanghuagang Mausoleum, Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen's Mansion, Sun Yat-sen University and Taiwan Enterprises in Guangzhou in Remembrance of the Huanghuagang Uprising Martyrs’ Sacrifice to Create the ROC, Commemorate the Great Contribution of Dr. Sun Yat-sen to Founding the ROC, Encourage Young Students to "Resolve to Do Great Things Rather than Seek to Become High-Ranking Officials," and Express the Government's Concern for Taiwanese Enterprises2015-10-14
The Fourth Meeting between Heads of Cross-Strait Competent Authorities Held in Guangzhou; Both Sides Adhere to Consolidating "Institutionalized Cross-Strait Negotiations" and "Official Interaction" Mechanisms Based on the "1992 Consensus" to Advance towards Truly Stable Cross-Strait Relations2015-10-14
MAC: Mainland should Acknowledge Historical Truths of the War of Resistance and Respect the Reality of ROC Existence to Ensure Long-Term Peace and Stability in the Strait and Prosperity and Security for the Region2015-09-03
Minister Hsia: Cross-Strait Negotiations and Official Interaction Continue to Operate as Usual, thereby Building Peaceful and Stable Cross-Strait Relations and Creating More Niches for Taiwan Development and Public Well-Being2015-08-28
Eleventh Round of Cross-Strait High-Level Talks Successfully Completed, Laying a Solid Foundation for Peaceful and Stable Development across the Taiwan Strait2015-08-26
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