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MAC Strongly Condemns the CCP for Playing the Old Trick of Military Intimidation against Taiwan and Undermining Peace and Stability in the Taiwan Strait and the Region2023-04-08
Taiwanese Citizen Fined for Illegally Serving as Member of the CPPCC by the Ministry of the Interior in Consultation with the MAC2023-04-07
Latest Adjustment to the Review Procedure of Mainland Chinese Individuals’ Special Entry Applications in Conjunction with CECC Directive for Ministries and Task Forces to Re-examine Epidemic Prevention Measures and Other Related Regulations2023-04-06
MAC Expresses Strong Dissatisfaction and Solemn Protest Against the CCP’s Planned On-site Inspections of Direct Cross-Strait Cargo Ships and Mini-three-links Passenger & Cargo Ships2023-04-05
The 44th MAC Advisory Committee Meeting Highlights of Discussion by Advisory Members*2023-03-31
MAC Strongly Condemns the CCP for Poaching Taiwan's Diplomatic Ally and Continuing to Undermine the Cross-Strait Status Quo2023-03-26
Public Opinion Supports the Government's Policy Measures on Resuming Exchanges and Opposes the CCP's Military and Diplomatic Coercion against Taiwan2023-03-23
MAC Announces Details of Reopening up for Passenger Transits via the Mini-Three-Links2023-03-16
The Two Sides across the Taiwan Strait Are Not Subordinate to Each Other: Only the 23 Million People of Taiwan Have the Right to Decide Taiwan's Future2023-03-13
MAC Announces Plan to Reopen Flight Points for Cross-Strait Passenger Service2023-03-09
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