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MAC Strongly Protests Mainland China's Unilateral Changes to Flight Route Operations Undermining Cross-Strait Relations and Threatening Regional Flight Safety & Regional Peace and Stability2024-01-31
Mainland Affairs Council’s Explanation of the Announcement by Civil Aviation Administration of China Today (January 30, 2024) Regarding Cancellation of Flight Offsets for Southbound M503 Flight Route & Activation of Eastbound W122 and W123 Routes Connecting the M503 route2024-01-30
Briefing on Taiwan's Presidential and Legislative Elections, and the Prospects of Cross-Strait Relations and Asia-Pacific Security Video Speech by Deputy Minister Liang Wen-chieh, Mainland Affairs Council2024-01-19
MAC Strongly Condemns the CCP for Luring Away Taiwan's Diplomatic Ally and Undermining the Cross-Strait Status Quo2024-01-15
MAC Urges the CCP to Respect the Results of Taiwan's Democratic Election and Rationally Approach the New Era for Cross-Strait Relations2024-01-13
Government Remains Consistent in Welcoming Mainland Chinese Students to Study in Taiwan and Hopes that Mainland China will Stop Preventing Students from Coming to Taiwan2024-01-12
MAC Solemnly Refutes Taiwan Affairs Office's Distortion of President Tsai's Cross-Strait Policy2024-01-11
No Amount of CCP Election Interference can Shake Taiwan's Democratic Electoral System2024-01-09
The 53rd MAC Advisory Committee Meeting Highlights of Discussion by Advisory Members*2023-12-28
MAC Warns: The CCP's Repeated Attempts at Election Interference will Ultimately Backfire2023-12-21
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