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MAC Calls on the CCP to Rationally Face Up to Political Parity between the Two Sides: “ROC and PRC not Subordinate to Each Other” Is a Fact and Cross-Strait Status Quo2021-10-13
President's National Day Address Shows Taiwan’s Firm Stance: Taiwan Will Never Accept the Cross-Strait Development Course Set by Beijing 2021-10-10
CCP Distorts History and Lacks Legitimacy; Taiwan's Commitment to Democracy and Freedom Supported and Affirmed by the International Community2021-10-09
MAC Holds 2021 National Day Banquet2021-10-09
Reinforce Protection for National Security Related Core Technologies: MAC Approves Draft Amendments to Article 9 and Article 91 of the Cross-Strait Act at the 27th Council Meeting2021-09-29
MAC: The CCP Undermines International Rules and Has No Right to Obstruct Taiwan’s Participation in the CPTPP2021-09-23
Mainstream Public Voice Support: Taiwan's Option Is to Become Stronger, More United, and More Determined to Defend Itself2021-09-09
MAC 2021 Second Quarter Report on the Situation in Mainland China2021-08-09
Mainstream Public Opinion Rejects the CCP's Political Framework and Military Intimidation on Taiwan and Opposes Coercion of Taiwan Personnel in Hong Kong to Sign a "Letter of Commitment to One China"2021-07-16
The 24th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Handover Sees Its High Degree of Autonomy Severely Sabotaged; the ROC government Has Actively Responded and will Continue to Monitor, Issue Early Warnings to the Development in Hong Kong. The MAC Vows to Enhance Contingency Measures to Safeguard National Sovereignty and People’s Welfare2021-07-06
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