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Mainland Affairs Council

News Release

Beijing's Disregard for the Facts and Misquoting of International Documents and Resolutions are Not Beneficial to the Development of Cross-Strait Relations 2020-05-07
Reference Material on the Holding of Positions by Taiwanese Nationals at Mainland Chinese State-Owned Media Organizations2020-04-17
Public Perception that Chinese Authorities are Unfriendly to Taiwan Reaches New High; Over 90% Surveyed Oppose the CCP's "One Country, Two Systems" and its Suppression of Taiwan through Military and Diplomatic Means2020-03-26
Entry into Taiwan to be Suspended for Hong Kong and Macao Residents starting from Midnight on February 11, 2020 as Disease Control Takes Priority 2020-02-10
The ROC Firmly Defends its Sovereignty: The CCP Should Immediately Stop its Military Provocations and not Misjudge the Situation2020-02-10
Taiwan to Suspend Direct Cross-Strait Sea Passenger Transportation from February 10, 2020 in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak in Mainland China2020-02-08
Humanitarianism and Disease Prevention Must Both be taken into Account: Cross-Strait Cooperation Required in Evacuation 2020-02-07
MAC Protests against CCP Obstruction of Taiwan's Participation in the WHO;The Taiwan Affairs Office disrespects the health rights and interests of Taiwan's 23 million people with baseless political arguments and buck passing amidst epidemic prevention work 2020-02-06
MAC Affirmed and Relieved by the Successful Evacuation of the First Group of Taiwanese People Stranded in Wuhan2020-02-04
MAC Calls on China to Respect Taiwan Democratic Election Results2020-01-11
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