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The 40th MAC Advisory Committee Meeting: Highlights of Discussion by Advisory Members*2022-10-12
Highlights of President Tsai's National Day Address: Safeguarding Taiwan with "Four Commitments” and “Four Resiliences," Urging Mainland China to Respect Taiwanese People's Commitment to Sovereignty and Democracy2022-10-10
Adjustments to Entry Restrictions for Residents of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao, Pursuant to the Latest Policy Adjustment by the Central Epidemic Command Center2022-09-22
Minister Chiu Emphasizes that the Essence of Cross-Strait Relations is Peace and Equality; Sovereignty and Democracy Cannot Be Violated; and Political Differences Should Be Peacefully Resolved2022-09-08
Symposium on "Taiwan, Cross-Strait Relations & an Evolving World "2022-09-07
MAC Expresses Condolences to the Victims of the Earthquake in Ganzi, Sichuan, and Advises Taiwanese Citizens in Mainland China to Stay Safe2022-09-06
The Government Expressed Serious Concerns Over Reports Indicating That The Hong Kong Court-appointed Liquidator of Next Digital Is To Appoint Liquidator & Commence the Liquidation Process of Apple Daily (Taiwan)2022-09-01
MAC Today (August 27, 2022) Presented the Following Views in Response to Comments by KMT Vice Chairman Andrew Hsia at a Press Conference2022-08-27
MAC 2022 Second Quarter Report on the Situation in Mainland China2022-08-24
Taiwan Public Firmly Oppose CCP Coercion and Pressure, Considering the CCP Highly Unfriendly to Taiwan2022-08-18
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