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MAC Supports the Strict Enforcement of the Law by the Competent Authority to Protect the People's Rights and Interests Following an Incident of a Mainland Chinese Speedboat Capsizing after Entering Kinmen Waters for Illegal Fishing2024-02-15
MAC Reminds Taiwanese People to Be Cautious when Traveling to or Transiting Through Hong Kong and Macao and Utilize the "Online Registration System for Taiwanese Citizens Visiting Hong Kong and Macao" to Enhance Protection of Personal Safety2024-02-07
MAC’s Views on the MOTC’s Announcement of Opinions on Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange2024-02-07
Returning Home Tonight to be with Family: MAC Minister Chiu Tai-san Invites Mainland Chinese Spouses for an Early Lunar New Year Celebration2024-02-06
MAC Strongly Protests Mainland China's Unilateral Changes to Flight Route Operations Undermining Cross-Strait Relations and Threatening Regional Flight Safety & Regional Peace and Stability2024-01-31
Mainland Affairs Council’s Explanation of the Announcement by Civil Aviation Administration of China Today (January 30, 2024) Regarding Cancellation of Flight Offsets for Southbound M503 Flight Route & Activation of Eastbound W122 and W123 Routes Connecting the M503 route2024-01-30
Briefing on Taiwan's Presidential and Legislative Elections, and the Prospects of Cross-Strait Relations and Asia-Pacific Security Video Speech by Deputy Minister Liang Wen-chieh, Mainland Affairs Council2024-01-19
MAC Strongly Condemns the CCP for Luring Away Taiwan's Diplomatic Ally and Undermining the Cross-Strait Status Quo2024-01-15
MAC Urges the CCP to Respect the Results of Taiwan's Democratic Election and Rationally Approach the New Era for Cross-Strait Relations2024-01-13
Government Remains Consistent in Welcoming Mainland Chinese Students to Study in Taiwan and Hopes that Mainland China will Stop Preventing Students from Coming to Taiwan2024-01-12
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