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Mainland China Should Mend Its Ways, Seriously Reflect on the Important Lessons of the Tibetan Uprising, and Implement Protections for Tibetan Human Rights and Religious Freedom2019-03-09
MAC: The Taiwan Relations Act is the Foundation of Peace and Stability in the Taiwan Strait, and Both Sides Should Shoulder the Joint Responsibility to Strive for Lasting Peace2019-03-07
A Year After Mainland China Announced the 31 Taiwan-Related Measures, the Implementation Results are Overstated and the so-called “Favor Taiwan and Encourage Integration” intends to “Benefit China and Promote Unification”2019-02-27
The Situation across the Taiwan Strait Has Undergone Major Changes, the CCP’s Strategic Adjustments Have Become more Aggressive, Taiwan’s Ruling and Opposition Parties Must Strengthen their Defense of Democracy2019-02-23
Response to Hong Kong Government's Proposed Amendments to the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance and Fugitive Offenders Ordinance2019-02-21
The Government’s Position on Cross-Strait Political Issues Including the Signing of a “Peace Agreement”2019-02-19
Defending ROC’s Sovereignty and Dignity is the Greatest Consensus among Taiwanese People2019-02-08
MAC Lunar New Year Press Conference Remarks by Minister Chen2019-01-22
MAC: The CCP Cannot be Trusted, The Final Arrangement of "One Country, Two Systems" is the Loss of Democracy and Freedom, TAO Statement is Full of Deception and Lies2019-01-18
Mainstream Public Opinion in Taiwan Opposes CCP’s "One Country, Two Systems" and "1992 Consensus" 2019-01-17
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