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MAC 2023 Second Quarter Report on the Situation in Mainland China2023-08-16
MAC Solemnly Refutes Absurd Statements Inverting Right and Wrong by Mainland China’s Taiwan Affairs Office Today (August 13, 2023) on Vice President Lai's Transit through the US 2023-08-13
The 48th MAC Advisory Committee Meeting: Highlights of Discussion by Advisory Members*2023-08-02
MAC Expresses Condolences to Victims of Torrential Rains in Beijing and other Parts of Mainland China & Calls on Taiwanese People in Mainland China to Beware of Personal Safety2023-08-01
MAC Once Again Calls on Taiwanese Citizens to Beware of Escalating Risks when Traveling to Mainland China2023-07-27
MAC Response to Mr. Terry Gou's Op-Ed in The Washington Post2023-07-18
MAC Attended the "Kinmen-Xiamen Strait Crossing Swim" Hosted by the Kinmen County Government to Cheer for & Award Cross-Strait Athletes2023-07-16
Mainstream Public Opinion in Taiwan Supports the Government's Continued Promotion of Healthy and Orderly Cross-Strait Exchanges & Opposes the CCP's Hybrid Pressure on Taiwan2023-07-13
Concerned for the Personal Safety of Taiwanese People Traveling to or Transiting in Hong Kong and Macao, MAC Provides Safety Reminders & Urges Utilization of the "Online Registration System for Taiwanese Citizens Visiting Hong Kong and Macao" to Enhance Safety Protection2023-07-12
MAC Invites Criminal Law Scholar Lin Yu-hsiung to Present Keynote Speech and Deeply Examine the Current Status of National Security Laws and Regulations with National Security Enforcement Teams2023-07-07
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