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MAC Condemns CCP for Forcing through Draconian Law Undermining Hong Kong Democracy and Freedom: Launch Humanitarian Assistance Action Plan to Defend Universal Values2020-05-28
Response to Deliberation of the (Draft) Decision by the CCP National People's Congress on the Establishment and Improvement of the Legal System and Enforcement Mechanisms to Safeguard National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 2020-05-22
President Tsai’s Inauguration Address Dedicates to Peaceful and Stable Cross-Strait Relations2020-05-20
News Reference Material on the "2020 First Quarter Report on the Situation in Mainland China" by the Mainland Affairs Council2020-05-08
Beijing's Disregard for the Facts and Misquoting of International Documents and Resolutions are Not Beneficial to the Development of Cross-Strait Relations 2020-05-07
Reference Material on the Holding of Positions by Taiwanese Nationals at Mainland Chinese State-Owned Media Organizations2020-04-17
Taiwan Affairs Office's Repeated Finger-pointing and Verbal Assaults on Epidemic Prevention Work Only Drive the Two Sides of the Taiwan Strait Further Apart2020-04-10
Public Perception that Chinese Authorities are Unfriendly to Taiwan Reaches New High; Over 90% Surveyed Oppose the CCP's "One Country, Two Systems" and its Suppression of Taiwan through Military and Diplomatic Means2020-03-26
MAC Warns Taiwan Affairs Office that Gratuitous Insults Create Cross-Strait Tensions and Arouse Resentment of Taiwan People2020-03-24
"One China Principle" Is not a Prescription for Health and Safety2020-03-24
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