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MAC's Teacher Chang for Taiwanese Businessmen Program Provides Consulting Service for Taiwanese Businesspeople with Business Investments in Mainland China2018-02-16
Mainland Spouses Share Lunar New Year Customs from their Hometowns and Spread the Diversity of Traditional Culture 2018-02-15
The Government Values the Rights and Interests of Taiwanese Students in the Mainland to Return Home and is Providing Full Assistance so All Taiwanese People can Smoothly Rejoin Family for the Lunar New Year2018-02-14
Taiwanese People in the Mainland Continue to Smoothly Return to Taiwan; the SEF Continues to Provide Necessary Service2018-02-13
MAC News Reference Material: The MAC is Fully Assisting the Families of Mainland Victims of the Hualien Earthquake Disaster with Arranging Travel to Taiwan and Follow-Up Affairs2018-02-12
MAC Minister Chang Hsiao-yueh Attends Joint Public Memorial for Earthquake Victims in Hualien and Expresses Sympathy and Condolences to the Families of the Victims2018-02-12
MAC News Reference Material: MAC Expresses the Deepest Grief and Condolences for the Victims of the Hualien Earthquake and Notifies the Mainland of the Latest Casualty Situation2018-02-08
MAC Thanks the Mainland on Behalf of the Government for Condolences and Care over Hualien Earthquake2018-02-07
MAC News Reference Material on Major Earthquake in Hualien: Taiwan Immediately Notified the Mainland and Continues to Verify the Latest Situation of Mainland Chinese Nationals Affected by the Disaster in Taiwan and Provide All Necessary Assistance2018-02-07
MAC Holds Care for Mainland Spouse Family Activity to Promote Implementation of Substantive Care and Help Mainland Spouses to Integrate in Taiwan Society2018-02-07
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