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MAC Minister Chang Calls on the Two Sides to Communicate in Good Faith and Seek Common Understanding for Peace in the Taiwan Strait2016-11-16
Mainland China should Face Up to the Objective Fact of the Existence of the Republic of China; The Two Sides should Work Together for the Welfare of the People on both Sides and Peace in the Taiwan Strait2016-11-11
The Peaceful and Stable Development of Cross-Strait Relations is the Joint Responsibility of Both Sides: The Government Insists that Equal and Dignified Interaction, Respect for Public Opinion in Taiwan, and Rational and Pragmatic Communication will Create a Win-Win Situation2016-11-01
Public Supports the Government's Cross-Strait Policy and Believes that Preconditions should not be Set for Exchanges and that Official Communication and Implementation will Safeguard the Rights and Interests of the People2016-10-28
MAC Expresses Regret and Dissatisfaction over Mainland China's Failure to Face Up to the Reality that the R.O.C. is a Sovereign State2016-10-27
Government Promotes Inclusion of Mainland Students in Health Insurance System based on Humanitarian Considerations and Human Rights Values2016-10-24
MAC Supports Withdrawal of Council of Indigenous Peoples Delegation from Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo2016-10-20
MAC Holds Cross-Strait Relations Young Student Camp: Minister Chang Encourages Cross-Strait Youth Exchanges and the Sharing of Taiwan's Democracy, Freedom, Culture, and Soft Power2016-10-14
MAC Explanation on Cross-Strait Relations Policy 2016-10-14
President Tsai's National Day Address Firmly Elaborates Policy Position of Taking Forward-Looking and Proactive Measures to Maintain the Status Quo, Reiterates Intention to Build Peaceful and Stable Cross-Strait Relations through Constructive Communication and Dialogue2016-10-10
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