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Deputy Minister Lin: The government will continue, on the existing foundation of Mainland policy, to promote cross-strait exchanges and negotiations in various fields according to Taiwan's overall and local development needs2012-12-28
MAC Deputy Minister Chang: Government will continue momentum push for tourism through cross-strait negotiation mechanisms2012-12-26
MAC to Hold the Second Cross-Strait Exchange Documentary Literature Awards on December 142012-12-26
MAC: Promoting institutionalized cross-strait negotiations and maintaining peaceful and stable development across the Taiwan Strait on the foundation of the "1992 Consensus of one China with respective interpretations" corresponds to the expectations of mainstream public opinion in Taiwan2012-12-26
MAC Appeals to Mainland: Respect Freedom and Democracy, Protect Human Rights, and Practice the Rule of Law and Other Universal Values2012-12-20
MAC Explanations Regarding China Times Editorial and Want Daily Letter to the Editor on "MAC Violates ROC Constitution by Criticizing Mainland Passports" Published Today2012-12-17
Minister Wang visits Mini Three Links facilities: Mini Three Links policy stimulates Kinmen tourism2012-12-11
MAC issues a stern statement on the Mainland's new passport2012-11-30
Maintaining peaceful and stable development of cross-strait relations is in the best interests of both sides2012-11-08
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