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MAC: Public Affirm the Benefits of the Trade in Services Agreement in Developing the Mainland Market and Signing Economic Cooperation Pacts with Other Countries: The Government will Continue Broad-based Communication to Facilitate Implementation of Agreement2013-12-27
MAC Clarification and Response regarding Media Reports on Minister Wang’s Statement at the KMT Central Standing Committee Today (Dec. 25)2013-12-25
Trade in Services Agreement will be Handled according to Law and the Executive Branch will Fully Respect the Review Decision of the Legislative Yuan2013-12-23
MAC Holds Award Ceremony for the Third Cross-Strait Exchange Documentary Literature Awards2013-12-10
ROC Government Streamlines Entry and Exit Procedures for Hong Kong and Macao Students Studying in Taiwan2013-12-09
MAC: Government will Steadily Improve Regulations and Reinforce Management Related to Civil Servants Entering the Mainland for Study2013-12-05
Chang Hsien-Yao: Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement Enhances Taiwan's International Competitiveness2013-11-22
MAC Announces Winners of the 17th Cross-Strait Relations and Mainland News Reporting Award2013-11-13
Control Yuan Committee on Internal and Minority Nationality Affairs Conducts Routine Circuit Supervision at the MAC2013-10-29
MAC: Domestic Public Opinion Affirms Cross-Strait Relations Improvements Beneficial to Expanding Taiwan's International Space and Supports Normalization of Official Interactions and Establishment of Cross-Strait Communication and Contact Mechanisms2013-10-21
ROC Leader's Representative Vincent Siew Urges at "Siew-Xi Meeting" for Two Sides to Strengthen Mutual Trust and Create a Sustainable and People-Centered Vision for Cross-Strait Relations2013-10-06
MAC Minister Wang and TAO Director Zhang Address Each Other by Official Titles, Substantively Realizing "Mutual Non-Denial" and Setting a Good Start for the Normalization of Official Interactions Across the Strait2013-10-06
MAC to Promptly Amend Laws on the Adoption of Taiwanese’ Spouses’ Children in the Mainland in Conformance with the Intent of Interpretation No. 712 of the Justices of the Constitutional Court2013-10-04
International Symposium on "Cross-Strait Developments in 2013: New Trends and Prospects" to be held by MAC in Washington, D.C.2013-10-03
Clarification and Explanation on Criticism Raised by Legislator Huang Wen-ling at a Press Conference Today (September 27)2013-09-27
Clarification and Response to Criticism from Professor Show-Ling Jang Reported Today (September 22) by the Liberty Times2013-09-22
Lin Chu-Chia: Government Adheres to Principle of "Maximizing Benefits and Minimizing Impacts" in Signing of Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement to Create Jobs, Expand Economic Development Niches and Enhance National Competitiveness for Taiwan2013-09-12
Deputy Minister Chang: Government's Mainland Policy is to Pragmatically Position Cross-Strait Relations under the Framework of the ROC Constitution, Strengthen Cross-Strait Mutual Trust and Jointly Create a Win-Win Outcome2013-09-06
Wang Yu-chi: Government is Opening the Mainland Chinese Market to Win Business Opportunities for the Taiwanese People and Improve Taiwan's Economy2013-08-31
MAC Minister Wang Yu-chi to Inspect Operations at Taiwan's Representative Office in Macao2013-08-27
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