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MAC Convenes Ad Hoc Meeting and Will Send a Delegation to the Mainland Next Week to Discuss the Matter of the Deportation of Taiwanese Nationals in Kenya to the Mainland and Seek the Best Interests of the People2016-04-15
Taiwan Expresses Solemn Position and Specific Proposals on Kenya's Deportation of Taiwan Nationals to the Mainland During Hotline Call: Mainland Agrees to Convey Views to the Related Departments and Promptly Respond 2016-04-12
MAC Sternly Protests Detention and Deportation of Taiwan National to Mainland China: The Government Absolutely Upholds the Rights and Interests of the People and Secured Immediate Return to Taiwan2016-04-11
MAC: Over 80% of the Public Support the Government's Continued Promotion of Cross-strait Official Interactions and Institutionalized Negotiations while Maintaining the Cross-Strait Status Quo of "No Unification, No Independence, and No Use of Force" Under the ROC Constitution Framework2016-03-29
MAC Deeply Regrets the Resumption of Diplomatic Ties between the Mainland and Gambia and Expresses Strong Dissatisfaction2016-03-17
MAC Calls on the Mainland to Prioritize the People's Well-Being and Continue Promotion of Peaceful, Stable, and Mutually Beneficial Cross-Strait Relations2016-03-16
MAC Calls on the Mainland to Respect Reality of Separate Governance across the Taiwan Strait; Only through Joint Efforts to Maintain Status Quo and Peace in the Taiwan Strait may Long-Term Benefits be Truly Created for the People2016-03-05
Mainland Again Conveys Sympathy and Concern for Tainan Earthquake through Hotline; Minister Hsia Again Extends Gratitude2016-02-15
Government's "Consolidate Peace , Maintain the Status Quo" Policy Line Conforms to Public Opinion and is in Taiwan's Best Interests2016-02-13
Taiwan Extends Gratitude towards the Mainland for Donations to Assist Earthquake Rescue and Relief 2016-02-08
MAC, NIA and SEF Officials Visit Mainland Spouses Injured in the Tainan Earthquake2016-02-08
Minister Hsia Communicates with the Mainland through Hotline2016-02-05
Implementation of Mainland Tourist Transits in Taiwan is a Successful Achievement due to Cross-Strait Communication2016-02-02
MAC Calls on Public and Mainland to Respect Results of Taiwan's Democratic Election and Jointly Safeguard Achievements of Peaceful and Stable Cross-Strait Relations2016-01-16
MAC Supports the People's Identification with the National Flag and Condemns Actions Affecting Benign Cross-Strait Interactions2016-01-16
Trial Opening of Mainland Tourist Transits in Taiwan Highlights Results of Ma-Xi Meeting2016-01-05
Hotline Officially Established and Lauched between the Heads of Cross-Strait Competent Authorities2015-12-30
Expansion of "College-to-University" Program for Mainland Students in Taiwan Enhances Exchanges and Interactions between Young Students from Both Sides and is Conducive to the Positive Development of Cross-Strait Relations2015-12-28
Minister Hsia: ROC Adheres to the Established Policy Stance in Ensuring Cross-strait Peace and Maintaining Status Quo2015-12-19
Deputy Minister Shih: Gradual Enhancement of Institutionalized Cross-Strait Negotiations and Official Interaction Lays Cornerstone for Cross-Strait Peace and Safeguards the People's Well-Being2015-12-11
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