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Minister Wang: Cross-Strait Exchanges Must Continue, Supervision Act Must be Feasible2014-05-30
MAC: The Government Respects Cross-Strait Development Proposals from All Sectors and Will Continue Mainland Policy Promotion Under ROC Constitution Framework2014-05-27
MAC: Over 70% of the Public Support Strengthened Communication and National Security Review; the Executive Yuan Version of the Draft Supervisory Act Responds to Public Opinion, Enhances the Orderly Operation of Negotiations and Enables Continued Exchanges between the Two Sides2014-05-01
Minister Wang Holds Campus Discussion on Trade in Services Agreement: Analyzes Shortcomings and Expresses Hope for Public to Treat Agreement Rationally2014-04-22
Executive Yuan Version of the Cross-Strait Agreement Supervisory Act Conforms to the Constitutional Principle of Separation of Powers; Legislative Yuan May Fully Participate in Review Process and Conduct Follow-Up Oversight2014-04-04
Frank Response to Public Demand, Special Law for Supervision of Cross-Strait Agreements Proposed2014-04-03
MAC Urges Prompt Passage of the Trade in Services Agreement, Government will Set Rigorous Safeguards and Corresponding Measures2014-03-18
Pulling for Taiwan's Economy: MAC Calls for All Sectors to Support the Prompt Passage of the Trade in Services Agreement2014-03-17
MAC Holds International Symposium: "Mainland China's Reform and Transition? Opportunities and Challenges of the Xi-Li Administration"2014-03-17
MAC: Over 70% of Public Satisfied with Achievements of the "Tenth Round of Cross-Strait High-Level Talks" and Support Continuous Promotion of Institutionalized Cross-Strait Negotiations2014-03-14
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