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MAC Expresses Serious Concern over Arrests of Hong Kong Media and Political Party Figures and Calls on Involved Parties to Exercise Restraint and Protect Human Rights, Prioritize Epidemic Control, and Stop Settling Scores or Exacerbating Unrest2020-02-28
News Reference Material on the "2019 Fourth Quarter Report on the Situation in Mainland China" by the Mainland Affairs Council2020-02-14
Entry into Taiwan to be Suspended for Hong Kong and Macao Residents starting from Midnight on February 11, 2020 as Disease Control Takes Priority 2020-02-10
The ROC Firmly Defends its Sovereignty: The CCP Should Immediately Stop its Military Provocations and not Misjudge the Situation2020-02-10
Taiwan to Suspend Direct Cross-Strait Sea Passenger Transportation from February 10, 2020 in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak in Mainland China2020-02-08
Humanitarianism and Disease Prevention Must Both be taken into Account: Cross-Strait Cooperation Required in Evacuation 2020-02-07
MAC Protests against CCP Obstruction of Taiwan's Participation in the WHO;The Taiwan Affairs Office disrespects the health rights and interests of Taiwan's 23 million people with baseless political arguments and buck passing amidst epidemic prevention work 2020-02-06
MAC Affirmed and Relieved by the Successful Evacuation of the First Group of Taiwanese People Stranded in Wuhan2020-02-04
Government Welcomes Mainland-based Taiwanese Companies to Return and Invest in Taiwan; MAC is Actively Involved for Assistance2020-01-26
Deputy Minister Chen Was Invited to Switzerland to Talk about the Government’s Cross-Strait Policy 2020-01-20
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