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President Tsai confers decoration on late Czech Senate President Jaroslav Kubera, meets incumbent Senate President Milos Vystrcil (excerpt: cross-strait relations)

  • Date:2020-09-03

Like the Czech Republic, Taiwan has travelled a difficult road, opposing authoritarianism and fighting for democracy and freedom. We are proud of our democratic experience, determined to defend democracy, and devoted to safeguarding regional peace, stability, and development. This year, Taiwanese society has once again overcome the challenges of a pandemic through democracy and solidarity. Through our success in fighting COVID-19 and by sharing our democratic values, Taiwan has also won support from more international friends.

A few days ago, Mr. Vystrcil expressed regret that no Czech Senate President had visited Taiwan earlier. But I can assure you that the people of Taiwan do not feel your visit has come too late. Historical experience tells us that truth and justice may come late, but they will certainly come. So long as we remain faithful to our values, the world will inevitably recognize Taiwan's efforts to promote freedom and democracy. On behalf of the people of Taiwan, I want to thank Senate President Vystrcil and all the delegation members for your staunch support. I am confident that by working together for our common cause, Taiwan and the Czech Republic will make even greater contributions to the world.

The day before yesterday, we were all deeply moved when Senate President Vystrcil said: "I am Taiwanese (in Mandarin)." Through our exchanges during this visit, we have not only deepened bilateral ties, but also sent a message to the international community about our shared belief in democracy and freedom.

Our actions tell all of our friends in Europe and like-minded friends throughout the world that the people of both Taiwan and the Czech Republic will not bow to pressure. We will speak out boldly, actively participate in international affairs, and contribute our expertise.