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Government Deliberates Necessary Countermeasures to the CCP's Intimidation of Taiwan and Undermining of Cross-Strait Relations

  • Date:2021-11-05

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (November 5, 2021) solemnly responded to an announcement by mainland China’s Taiwan Affairs Office claiming that it would take punitive measures in accordance with the law against Premier Su Tseng-chang and several others in Taiwan. The MAC sternly cautioned the Beijing authorities that Taiwan is a democratic society adhering to the rule of law, and is not under the jurisdiction of the other side across the Taiwan Strait; therefore, Taiwan rejects intimidation and threats from the authoritarian regime. If the other side across the Taiwan Strait does not care about cross-Strait relations and attempts to undermine Taiwan's democracy and freedom, create antagonism, and fuel fear, our government vows to take necessary countermeasures to protect the safety and well-being of the people; the Communist Party of China (CCP) must bear the potential consequences from these measures.

  The MAC stressed that the Premier and other officials’ determination and efforts to safeguard national sovereignty, democracy, and peace across the Taiwan Strait have won them affirmation and respect from all sectors. The CCP, however, has been intimidating Taiwan by force, escalating tensions, and hyping its so-called blacklists to undermine cross-Strait relations. Such vile and hostile behavior is meant for creating a chilling effect; it shows that the CCP’s ultimate goal is to sanction dissidents and force them to capitulate to its political stand. These actions have already sparked anti-China sentiments in the international community; the people of Taiwan have also seen through the CCP’s maneuvers and will never give in.

  The MAC indicated that our government will respond to developments such as the CCP's malicious actions against Taiwan by deliberating the timely adoption of necessary countermeasures and precautions. Meanwhile, it will also deliberate amendment of related laws and regulations following a careful review of possible influence from cross-Strait exchanges and collaboration and the CCP’s political interference with business operations to safeguard national security and people's rights. In addition, our government remains devoted to proactively cooperating with the international community to expose the CCP's actions such as incursions into Taiwan and suppression of democratic systems so the world can jointly curb its aggressive moves.