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The CCP’s Comments on Taiwan Were A Complete Opposite of Truth

  • Date:2023-02-19

News Reference Material
Date: February 19, 2023

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) issued the following statement today (February 19, 2023) in solemn protest against the unreasonable comments made by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission Director Wang Yi at an international conference.

1. The status quo and objective truth about cross-Strait relations is that "the two sides across the Taiwan Strait are not subordinate to each other" instead of the "one China” principle that is used by mainland China to downgrade Taiwan and distort truths. This misleading political view on Taiwan has never been accepted by the international community. The Republic of China is a sovereign state. Taiwan has never been and will never be part of the People's Republic of China.

2. The MAC indicated that the purpose of the Munich Security Conference is to maintain peace and prevent conflicts through dialogue. As the world jointly condemns Russia ahead of the first anniversary of its war against Ukraine, there is both increasing international attention on maintaining Taiwan's security and stronger domestic will to defend our sovereignty and democracy. Beijing lacks the moral courage to condemn Russia for its aggression; meanwhile, it has chosen to smear the global "consensus" on opposing authoritarian aggression and expansion as playing "double standards." This will only draw them more criticism and opposition from the international community. We once again urge the CCP authorities to adjust their coercion-centered political mindset on Taiwan, show responsibility in maintaining regional security, and improve cross-Strait relations in a pragmatic and rational manner.