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Mainland Chinese Spouses among Victims of Cheng Chung Cheng Building Fire in Kaohsiung; SEF and MAC Actively Assist Mainland Chinese Relatives with Entry and Funeral Arrangements

  • Date:2021-10-15

  Related government agencies have immediately devoted all resources to the disaster relief of a building fire in Yan Cheng District, Kaohsiung City causing heavy casualties. The MAC expressed deep grief to the unfortunate victims and sincere gratitude to the individuals from different nations and various parties of mainland China for their condolences and sympathies.

  Regarding media reports suspecting mainland Chinese spouses were among the fatalities, the MAC's preliminary understanding is that 3 mainland Chinese spouses unfortunately died in the fire. Among them were a mainland Chinese spouse surnamed Wu with registered household in Taiwan, and a mainland Chinese spouse surnamed Lin with a dependents resident visa. Neither of the two victims had other relatives in Taiwan. Based on humanitarian considerations, the MAC is coordinating with relevant departments to provide the mainland Chinese relatives of both victims with special assistance to enter Taiwan during the COVID-19 pandemic and with assistance in subsequent funeral affairs arrangement. The third mainland Chinese spouse victim, surnamed Zhou, also had registered household in Taiwan. The government will contact this victim's family members in Taiwan to express care and coordinate relevant departments to provide related assistance according to the family members’ needs.

  In addition, the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) has promptly contacted the victims’ families and their friends in Taiwan to express care. The SEF will help the daughter of the mainland Chinese spouse surnamed Wu, who has mainland Chinese nationality, and the elder brother of the mainland Chinese spouse surnamed Lin to come to Taiwan. It will do its utmost to assist the victims’ families in related arrangements of coming to Taiwan, and provide them with essential assistance.