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January 20, 2012
While attending the "2012 Lunar New Year Gathering and Banquet for the Faculties of Schools for Taiwanese Businesspeople's Children in the Mainland," SEF Chairman Chiang Pin-kung states that the time of the Eighth Chiang-Chen Talks has not been determined. He hopes that the talks can be completed in the first half of the year. As soon as negotiations on the investment protection and the customs cooperation agreements are completed, these two pacts can be promptly signed.   

February 17, 2012
Thirty-two members of an exchange mission of senior amateur Peking Opera performers are wounded in a bus accident in Hualien, eastern Taiwan. SEF Spokesperson Ma Shao-chang states that the list of the injured will be promptly sent to the ARATS through the SEF-ARATS emergency medical notification system once it is confirmed. Furthermore, the Department of Health and the National Immigration Agency have mobilized an emergency response team.

February 24, 2012
SEF Chairman Chiang Pin-kung and ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin jointly attend the "2012 Spring Gathering of the Dongguan Taiwan Business Association." During the event, Chairman Chiang states that the Eighth Chiang-Chen Talks will be held in the first half of this year. The two main focal issues of the Talks will be the Investment Protection Agreement for Taiwan businessmen and the agreement related to cross-strait customs cooperation.

March 11, 2012
ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin stated that the eighth SEF-ARATS talks are scheduled to be held in Taiwan in the first half of the year. He also expressed hope that consultations on the establishment of reciprocal offices between the SEF and the ARATS can begin during the Ninth Chiang-Chen Talks.

March 16, 2012
SEF Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Kao Koong-lian led the " Outreach Mission for Caring Taiwanese Businesses in Fujian " to visit Taiwanese enterprises in Fuzhou, Putian, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, and Xiamen, and hold discussions with Taiwanese businesspeople there.

April 26, 2012
The third regular meeting of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Committee (CSECC) was convened by SEF Vice Chairman Kao Koong-liang and ARATS Executive Vice Chairman Zheng Lizhong. After the meeting, the two sides jointly stated that consultations are progressing well on the ECFA follow-up agreements on trade in goods, trade in services and dispute resolution.

May 9, 2012
SEF Chairman Chiang Pin-kung leads a delegation of more than 20 SEF directors and supervisors to visit Tianjin and meet with ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin.

June 13, 2012
ARATS sent letter to the SEF expressing condolences over the disaster caused by torrential rains in parts of Taiwan.

June 19, 2012
The SEF Deputy Secretary-General Ma Shao-chang stated that the SEF requested assistance from the related Mainland authorities after receiving a petition from the family of Taiwanese businessman Chung Ting-pang over suspicion that Chung had been detained by the Mainland police.

June 28, 2012
The SEF and the ARATS mutually notified each other that the Cross-Strait Nuclear Power Safety Cooperation Agreement has come into effect.

July 5, 2012
SEF spokesperson Ma Shao-chang stated that the ARATS sent a letter to the SEF conveying the Mainland's agreement for Chung Ting-pang to be visited by family members.

July 9, 2012
At the invitation of the TAO and the ARATS, the SEF Vice Chairman Kao Koong-lian led a "Cultural and Creative Industry Mission" to the Mainland to observe the local cultural and creativity industry.

July 23, 2012
The SEF sent a letter to the ARATS to convey its deep sympathies and condolences over the dozens of casualties, missing persons and loss of property due to flooding from several days of torrential rains in mainland China. The letter expressed hopes for losses to be minimized, homes of disaster victims be rebuilt, and normal life be restored as soon as possible.

August 3, 2012
The ARATS sent a letter to the SEF expressing condolences over the flood and mudslide disasters caused recently by rainstorms in various parts of Taiwan.

August 8, 2012
The Taiwan negotiation team led by SEF Vice Chairman Kao Koong-lian held preparatory discussions with its Mainland counterpart led by ARATS Vice Chairman Zheng Lizhong. The two sides confirmed the text of the agreements and relevant meeting details for the Eighth Chiang-Chen Talks.

August 9, 2012
SEF Chairman Chiang Pin-kung and ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin jointly confirmed the content of the Cross-Strait Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement and the Cross-Strait Customs Cooperation Agreement at the Eighth Chiang-Chen Talks held in Taipei,and signed the two agreements. In connection with the Investment Protection Agreement, the two sides also jointly issued a "Consensus on the Protection of Personal Freedom and Safety." Regarding negotiation issues for the next round of talks between the SEF and ARATS, the two sides agreed to focus on ECFA follow-up agreements in areas including trade in services, trade in goods, and dispute settlement. Both sides further agreed to actively promote communication and discussion between the relevant competent authorities on "cross-strait cooperation on air quality monitoring" and "cross-strait cooperation on earthquake monitoring", both issues pertinent to the people's livelihood and well being. In addition, the SEF and the ARATS also communicated views on the establishment of reciprocal offices between the two organizations, and have agreed to begin respective planning, assessment and research, and will exchange views when time is appropriate.

September 6, 2012
SEF Chairman Chiang Pin-kung and ARATS Vice Chairman Wang Zaixi both attended the 2012 Taiwan Businessmen's Summit for Industry Transformation held in Nantong, Jiangsu.

September 10, 2012
ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin led the "ARATS Cultural and Creative Industries and Calligraphy Art Exchange Mission" to Taiwan for a 10-day visit.

September 11, 2012
Forum on Expanding Cross-Strait Cooperation in Cultural and Creative Industries was held in Taipei, during which SEF Chairman Chiang Pin-kung and visiting ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin co-chaired the discussion session.

September 24, 2012
Several members of a tour group organized by the Beijing-based China International Travel Service were hospitalized after a bus accident in Hualien. The ARATS contacted the SEF to express concerns of the Mainland side.

October 16, 2012
SEF Chairman Lin Join-sane led a cultural, economic and trade delegation to the Mainland and met with ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin for exchanges on SEF and ARATS organizational affairs.

November 21, 2012
The Second Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Committee Industry Cooperation Forum was held in Hsinchu according to the Joint Opinion of the SEF and the ARATS on Strengthening Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation. SEF Vice Chairman Kao Koong-lian and ARATS Vice Chairman Zheng Lizhong were invited to present speeches at the opening ceremony.

December 11, 2012
The SEF and the ARATS held the fourth regular meeting of the ECFA Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Committee in Guangzhou, with SEF Vice Chairman Kao Koong-lian and ARATS Executive Vice Chairman Zheng Lizhong serving as conveners, during which the two sides reviewed progress in promoting various ECFA-related work and planned for the next phase of work.

December 24, 2012
The SEF sent another letter to the ARATS expressing the government's solemn position on the inclusion of Taiwan landscape pictures into the Mainland passport.