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Mainland Again Conveys Sympathy and Concern for Tainan Earthquake through Hotline; Minister Hsia Again Extends Gratitude

  • Date:2016-02-15

February 15, 2016
No. 21

Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Hsia again extended gratitude towards the Mainland for their sympathy, concern and generous contributions after the Tainan earthquake during a conversation with TAO Director Zhang Zhijun through the cross-strait hotline today (February 15, 2016) .

The MAC stated that the hotline call was initiated by TAO Director Zhang Zhijun to reiterate the Mainland leader’s sympathy and concern over the unfortunate significant loss of lives and assests following the 6.4-magnitude earthquake in Tainan. During the phone conversation, Minister Hsia conveyed heartfelt gratitude, on behalf of Taiwan and President Ma Ying-jeou, for the prompt expression of sympathy, condolences and generous donations from all sectors and through various channels of the Mainland for disaster victims in Taiwan.

The MAC stated that committed donations from the Mainland have totaled to NT$73.1 million (approximately RMB14.62 million), which will all be put into future reconstruction work in disaster areas.

Regarding follow-up reconstruction matters, the MAC stressed that the central government will cooperate with the local government on overall reconstruction planning, and will also convey Mainland donations to help the local government with post-disaster reconstruction work.