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Hotline Officially Established and Lauched between the Heads of Cross-Strait Competent Authorities

  • Date:2015-12-30

December 30, 2015
No. 073

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated today (December 30, 2015) that a hotline between the heads of cross-strait competent authorities has been officially launched today through confirmation by both sides. MAC Minister Andrew Hsia and Director Zhang Zhijun of the Mainland's TAO spoke through the hotline at 9:00 a.m. and confirmed the official inauguration of the dedicated line between the two heads of cross-strait competent authorities.

The MAC indicated that, during the meeting between the cross-strait leaders on November 7, President Ma Ying-jeou proposed the establishment of a hotline between the heads of the MAC and TAO to handle urgent and important issues. Minister Hsia said in his hotline conversation that the hotline was an important concrete result stemming from that meeting. He also expressed hopes that the launch of the hotline will enable smoother communication between the two sides on major and urgent issues. Minister Hsia also called on both sides to continue endeavors to intensify promotion of important cross-strait issues so as to promptly reach consensuses and present achievements to the public.

The MAC stressed that over the past seven-plus years, the government has promoted the peaceful and stable development of cross-strait relations on the foundation of the "1992 Consensus" of “one China, with respective interpretations.” The official launch of the hotline between the heads of the cross-strait competent authorities symbolizes another important step forward for official cross-strait contact and interaction mechanisms. It also has historic significance in the institutionalizing process of cross-strait relations. It is hoped that the hotline will serve important functions of enabling real-time communication, resolving differences, and building consensus on major cross-strait issues and emergencies. In the future, based on the actual operations and demands of the hotline, the two sides will further expand its functions and strengthen its security maintenances.