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Minister Hsia: ROC Adheres to the Established Policy Stance in Ensuring Cross-strait Peace and Maintaining Status Quo

  • Date:2015-12-19

Date: December 19, 2015
MAC Press Release No. 071

Mainland Affairs Council Minister (MAC) Andrew Hsia today (December 19, 2015) presented a keynote speech at the Indonesia Taiwan Business Council (ITBC), and attended the 25th anniversary celebration of the Jakarta Taiwan Entrepreneur Association (JTEA) to explain the ROC government's Mainland policy and cross-strait developements. Minister Hsia said that, on November 7 this year, the leaders of the two sides met for the first time since separate governance began across the Taiwan Strait 66 years ago. The meeting established a new historic milestone in the development of cross-strait relations, created a new peace paradigm for cross-strait and regional stability, and laid favorable conditions for consolidating cross-strait peace and maintaining cross-strait status quo.

During the speech at the ITBC, Minister Hsia told the participating businesspeople that the ROC government has been consistent on its Mainland policy stance. It has always adhered to maintaining the status quo of "no unification, no independence and no use of force" under the ROC Constitution framework and promoted the development of institutionalized cross-strait relations on "1992 Consensus" foundation of “one China, with respective interpretations. This has turned the Taiwan Strait from a flashpoint into an avenue of peace. Minister Hsia also emphasized that improved relations across the Taiwan Strait have helped to maintain regional peace. He called on other countries to assist Taiwan in meaningful participation in the international community, and to also voice support for Taiwan’s accession into the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) and other regional economic integration pacts, in hope that Taiwan may continue to make even greater contributions to regional peace and stability.

At the JTEA event, Minister Hsia emphasized to the overseas Taiwanese business community and compatriots that, over the past seven-plus years, the two sides have resumed institutionalized negotiations, promoted meetings and exchange visits between the heads of cross-strait competent authorities, and achieved a meeting between the leaders of the two sides. This has laid a foundation for further institutionalization of cross-strait relations, helping to consolidate institutionalized and normal modes of cross-strait interaction and promoting mutual trust between the two sides. The core concept underlying such interaction is to "resolve disputes by peaceful means," and is believed to be the accurate path and direction conforming to the common interests of both sides. Furthermore, it creates niches for the well-being of the people on both sides of the Strait and also to peaceful and stable cross-strait relations.

Minister Hsia said that cross-strait relations are now at their most stable and peaceful state in the 66 years of separate governance across the Strait. Maintaing cross-strait peace is a mutual responsibility for the two sides, thus the ROC government will continue to adhere to the established policy stance, steadily promote the development of positive interaction between the two sides, and endeavor to maintain cross-strait peace. The government also hopes for the Mainland to face up to the objective fact of separate governance across the Taiwan Strait, fully acknowledge and pragmatically deal with issues of major concern to the Taiwanese people, jointly work for the well-being of the people on both sides of the Strait, and consolidate cross-strait peace and maintain cross-strait status quo.

The ITBC keynote speech today was joined by ITBC President Damano, and about 100 local business representatives. The JTEA celebration was joined by nearly 200 people, including JTEA President Liu Kuo-liang, Vice President Lai Wei-hsin, Chairman Lai Huan-tse of the Supervisory Board, and members of the overseas Chinese community. ROC Representative in Indonesia Ambassador Chang Liang-jen also participated. Minister Hsia exchanged views with the participants during the warm exchanges, expressing hope for the Indonesia business and overseas Chinese communities to continue support for the government's Mainland policy.