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MAC Calls on Public and Mainland to Respect Results of Taiwan's Democratic Election and Jointly Safeguard Achievements of Peaceful and Stable Cross-Strait Relations

  • Date:2016-01-16

January 16, 2016
No. 6

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (January 16, 2016) issued a statement on the results of the 14th presidential election and ninth legislative elections in Taiwan, stating that the election was a demonstration of mature political democratization in Taiwan and called for both domestic parties and the Mainland to respect norms of democracy and the people’s choice within Taiwan. The MAC also stated that promotion for peaceful and stable development of cross-strait relations should be continued.

The MAC pointed out that, the government has promoted benign cross-strait interactions over the past eight years, and in turn has created positive value and results for Taiwan's socio-economic development and foreign relations, results of which have been widely affirmed by the international community. The MAC stated that peace and prosperity across the Taiwan Strait is in the interest of all parties and is also the joint aspiration of the people, thus both sides across the Strait must uphold responsibility for maintaining cross-strait peace and prosperity.

Regarding future cross-strait development, the MAC reiterated its commitment to maintaining cross-strait harmony and stability on the principle of "reciprocity and dignity." It also expressed hope for institutional development of cross-strait peace and stability to continue, and, on the past basis of interaction and results achieved, for the two sides to continue promotion for institutionalized cross-strait negotiations and official interactions, deepen exchanges and cooperation in various fields so as to promote understanding, build mutual trust, and jointly safeguard peace and stability in the region and in the Strait. The MAC also hopes that the ruling and opposition parties will reach common ground, uphold the core value of "putting Taiwan first for the benefit of the people," and pragmatically deal with cross-strait issues so as to promote and safeguard the interests and well-being of the people, and also create favorable conditions for long-term peace in the Taiwan Strait and for Taiwan's prosperity and development.