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Expansion of "College-to-University" Program for Mainland Students in Taiwan Enhances Exchanges and Interactions between Young Students from Both Sides and is Conducive to the Positive Development of Cross-Strait Relations

  • Date:2015-12-28

2015 December 28
No. 72

The Mainland today (December 28, 2015) announced measures to increase quota and expand scope of provinces and cities for Mainland vocational school graduates’ admission to two-year "College-to-University" programs in Taiwan. The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said that the opening measure would not only increase opportunities for Mainland students to study in Taiwan but also enhance mutual awareness and understanding between young students on the two sides, thereby result in benign development in cross-strait relations; thus the MAC expressed its affirmation and welcome towards the opening measures.

Expansion of the "College-to-University" program for Mainland students studying in Taiwan was one of the topics discussed at the "Ma-Xi Meeting," and its steady promotion has been a consistent policy priority of the government. The MAC, in conjunction with Ministry of Education, will continue to promote related measures under the principle of carrying out "phased implementation, review and assessment, and comprehensive supporting measures."